Project 206

This is a very important number!
Each bead on this strand represents one child’s life that Kiwanis impacts each year

Did you know that each Kiwanian impacts the life of an average of 206 children each year? Recently our club participated in an object lesson night to confirm in our minds just how many 206 is. Each member was asked to string 206 beads on a piece of string. This process took quite a long time and it was very apparent just how far our reach goes. Our Club has over 60 members and we support Service Leadership Programs with nearly 500 members, if you add all of the Charlottesville Club/S.L.P reach, we are impacting over 100,000 children each year. WOW!!! What a lesson we learned during this project. If Charlottesville members are impacting over 100,000 children each year, just how many lives is Kiwanis International as a whole impacting? Do you want to help us impact more lives or want more information on this project, please contact us.

Charlottesville Kiwanis Members making their Project 206 bead strands