Hixson and Zeller Recognitions

The following have been recognized by the Kiwanis Children’s Fund with the George F. Hixson Fellowship and/or the Walter Zeller Fellowship.

1988Donald W. JonesGeorge F. Hixson Fellowship
1975Lionel Key George F. Hixson Fellowship
1983Robert C. Fehse George F. Hixson Fellowship
1983Richard C. Fowler George F. Hixson Fellowship
1984William K. Fields George F. Hixson Fellowship
1984William E. Jones George F. Hixson Fellowship
1984Herbert L. Minich George F. Hixson Fellowship
1984Robert F. Niehaus George F. Hixson Fellowship
1986William G. Baddeley George F. Hixson Fellowship
1987Harold L. Flax George F. Hixson Fellowship
1988John F. Rybolt George F. Hixson Fellowship
1995William R. Reusing George F. Hixson Fellowship
1996John M. Harris George F. Hixson Fellowship
1996Allan B. Roby George F. Hixson Fellowship
1999Kenneth M. Smith George F. Hixson Fellowship
2001Donald W. Foss George F. Hixson Fellowship
2001James T. Graves George F. Hixson Fellowship
2002E. Alton Thomas George F. Hixson Fellowship
2003James I. Masloff George F. Hixson Fellowship
2004Marisue S. Smith George F. Hixson Fellowship
2005F. Richard Lentzsch George F. Hixson Fellowship
2006Alfonso G. Canales George F. Hixson Fellowship
2007Herbert P. Ely George F. Hixson Fellowship
2008Herbert P. Ely Walter Zeller Fellowship
2009Charles R. Harris George F. Hixson Fellowship
2010James M. Hill George F. Hixson Fellowship
2011Richard S. Fowler Charter Zeller
2011Donald W. Jones Charter Zeller
2011Robert Pflugfelder George F. Hixson Fellowship
2012Barbara E. Ritter George F. Hixson Fellowship
2012Teresa Tyler George F. Hixson Fellowship
2013Norman E. Gutzler George F. Hixson Fellowship
2013Kenneth M. Smith Walter Zeller Fellowship
2014Donald W. Jones Zeller Diamond
2014Robert J. Ribando Presidential Zeller
2017Barbara E. Ritter Walter Zeller Fellowship
2017James G. Hart Walter Zeller Fellowship
2018Joseph Teague Walter Zeller Fellowship
2018Eric Lamb George F. Hixson Fellowship
2019Charles KrizekWalter Zeller Fellowship
2019William ReusingWalter Zeller Fellowship
2020Tom LoweWalter Zeller Fellowship
2021Jeanne Williams MasloffGeorge F. Hixson Fellowship

Monday Evening Meetings

Kiwanis Classic meets on the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Greencroft Club

Kiwanis meets on the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Greencroft Club. The first and third Mondays are speaker meetings.  The form of these two meetings is dinner followed by brief announcements (with fifty/fifty and Happy Dollars), followed by the introduction of the speaker. We always finish by 8 p.m. The second Monday is the monthly board and committee business meeting night and we meet at the Church of the Incarnation, from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.  The fourth Mondays have been designated as “Service Work Night” at a different local agency each month. (See Service Projects page for more info.)  The occasional fifth Monday is reserved for a Kiwanis Family social activity. Guests are cordially invited to share a meal with us and learn about opportunities to join us for volunteer service that contributes to the betterment of our community.  You are never more than six days away from a Kiwanis event.  


Our club manages a wide variety of projects that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and world. See below the many partner agencies we work with on a regular basis.

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